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IP's comprehensive knowledge of global freight forwarding enables to plan and implement appropriate routes, manage administrative tasks ensuring smooth shipments. Long standing relationships with suppliers and large volumes handled by Parent companies helps IP get competitive rates for their clients from these companies along with preferred customized services.
Freight Forwarders are the pillars of airline and shipping industry; without them both the industries can never think of offering freight services to their clients at all. They are important for delivering goods all around the world and play a vital role in making shipping business a success, without Freight Forwarders, it would be almost impossible to get commercial and personal products and consignments delivered to different places specially, to overseas locations. In the wake of the increasing need of Freight Forwarding, IP has a talent pool, who have immense knowledge about all the formalities involved in the process.
IP’s Freight Forwarding team works closely with shipping lines, airline, CHAs, overseas agents, ICD operators and other related agencies to give a seamless service towards goods movement across boundaries. In depth documentation knowledge and relations with principals play a vital role in providing efficient and customized services.
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