IP provides a wide range of pan-India transportation solutions covering 12000+ pin codes. We maintain our transport services with trucks of varied sizes. Our highly trained drivers ensure timely deliveries and pick-ups throughout the country.

We provide timely truck placement and deliveries with the help of our owned and leased fleets. These fleets ensure deliveries in a safe, efficient, and cost-effective environment.

We provide high quality services for our client’s primary transportation needs. We help with arranging for inbound movement of raw materials, parts and semi processed inventory from suppliers to manufacturing units, raw material stores, assembly plants and retail stores.

We ensure timely and well-coordinated secondary transportation services for our clients. We take care of transporting finished products from warehouses or distribution centers to smaller distribution centers and retailers & customers. We provide these services both intercity and intracity.

To add on to client’s ease with transportation we provide both Cash on Delivery (COD) and Draft on Delivery (DOD) services. Our well spread network of high-quality transportation services keeps these services optimized for India’s complex logistics ecosystem.

We also provide part load services which help with small shipments to specific locations across our available network. Our full truck load services are used to deliver shipments to customers where the entire truck carries only the particular client’s consignment. Full truck load services make prioritization and privacy easier. These services are carried out by our highly professional team of transportation experts. This service is affordable for all business levels.

Our reverse logistics team deals with customer returns management, returnable packaging materials and empty bins, scrap materials etc. This service is aimed at clients from Automotive, FMCG, Pharmaceuticals and Retail industries. This helps our clients reduce wastage and avoid unnecessary losses

We provide our clients with one stop solutions for all their cargo movement needs with our multi modal transport. We have transport services via Road, Rail, Air and Sea movement of cargo as well as multi-modal movement.

For faster deliveries, we provide air cargo service to specific locations within the country.

We also provide trustworthy rail cargo services within the country.

Our milk run movement ensures that our drivers are able to meet optimum demand while driving shorter distances. This is achieved by designing most suitable delivery routes and scheduling based on their deliveries and pickups along the way. Our expertise in this field has made our movement more efficient and resulted in significant cost reduction for our clients.